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We are a progressive, client-oriented engineering consulting firm

Our goal is to provide the knowledge, skills, experience, and facilities required to meet our clients’ needs in defining and fulfilling their objectives. Our standards of conduct are integrity, professional competence, and economy in engineering services


What We Do

Southeastern offers a complete range of electrical engineering and consulting services to our clients. Whether you need a design for a small downtown street lighting project or are interconnecting a large combustion turbine or renewable generator to the electrical grid, we can be of service.

We provide services to publicly owned, industrial, and institutional electric systems. We also offer electrical engineering services to water and wastewater treatment plants. Our intent is to provide the facilities, skills and experience required to meet the client’s needs. Our standards are integrity, professional competence and economy in engineering services


Wherever practical, all projects commissioned by a single client are managed by the same engineer, in order to minimize the time and expense of job familiarization. We feel this method of project assignment also provides more convenient and efficient communications as the client generally can call one person who can readily answer even detailed questions concerning current or past projects.

However, this does not preclude our design engineers from sharing new ideas or discussing possible solutions to project requirements in order to take full advantage of our collective knowledge and experience. This open exchange of ideas also leads to standardization of methods and procedures which allows all of the firm’s engineers to be familiar with the basics of each project, thereby providing continuity and efficiency. All of our design engineers are employee owners’ of the company.